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Expressive Arts Therapy Retreat



The Wild Expanse is a four day immersive expressive therapy retreat held off the beaten path around New England. We center healing, wellness, embodiment, and connection to the authentic self through creative arts. Group members are led by board-certified expressive therapists in a series of music, movement, and art making experiences that guide each person to explore their inner experience, promote healing, and build meaningful connections with the self and each other.



We invite you to step in

The Wild Expanse Retreat is an intentional pause to experience the deepening connection to self and others through creative and renewing practices. We designed the retreat as an invitation to step out of constricting roles and into an authentic way of being and wild expansiveness. 

This is a place for letting go, digging in, and getting messy. 

This is not a bootcamp, it’s  summer camp for the soul.



"From the carefully curated agenda to the beautiful meals to the peaceful setting, this retreat was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. As soon as I arrived, I felt myself relax and my heart open. This was a powerful experience and I left with new friends, beautiful art I created, and memories that make me smile.

I had been longing for an opportunity to deeply connect to my soul and this retreat created the conditions for that to happen. My heart is full and my deepest gratitude goes to the organizers for making this happen."

-Participant, 2022


"Many thanks to Rebecca, Kay, Sandra and Eliza. Besides having an awesome experience, I met amazing people who I would never got the chance to meet somewhere else. After four days, I was not ready to leave and wished I could stay longer in this bubble out of time.


The organizing team immersed themselves in the various activities we had so we never had to feel 'not on the same level.' I would do it again!"

-Participant, 2022


"IT WAS SO DANG GOOD. Magical. Healing. Fun. Vulnerable. Challenging. Inspiring. A gift.


It was super grounded all weekend, I appreciated the structured experiences/schedule paired with how much natural space we had access to. I felt very held and autonomous all weekend long. It was like my 6 year old self, 16 year old self and 32 year old self could all show up safely and have an equally good time. I LOVED doing projects/activities I wouldn't have otherwise tried or even known to try."

-Participant, 2022


Painting Easels

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Everyone can access the creative arts to discover something deeper within themselves.

Expressive arts therapy is the use of creative modalities like music, art, dance, and writing for self-discovery and meaning making


Who we are:

Hi, we're Kay and Rebecca. We met while working at a small creative arts therapy practice in New Hampshire. We share a passion for helping people connect to their feelings, experiences, and true selves through creativity. Together, we practice from a wholistic, humanistic, and socially just lens, utilizing the creative arts to help foster self-awareness, deepen insight, and support healing in our clients. 





Spring 2024 Retreat

Join us May 9-12, 2024 for our Spring Retreat at Potash Hill, Marlboro VT!


The Wild Well

Join us for our new Monthly Gatherings, The Wild Well to explore imagery, symbolism, art and music making at our office in Durham, NH. 

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